We do Designs, Installs, Maintenance, Repairs and Service… and We Have Fun Doing It!

For Service Calls:

We work hard for our money and we know you do too. With rising gas prices this means that plumbing supplies like piping and fixtures are also increasing in price due to the cost of manufacturing and the cost of transportation. If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency on the weekend we may be available to come immediately and we will only charge time and materials. Otherwise, especially during the week it is more cost-effective to fit you into our schedule and then we do not have to charge a large trip fee.

Designs, Installs, and Larger Projects:

We are a small company that is referral based. We prefer to work with people that know us, and we know you. We want clients that understand the quality of work we do and the care we take with our services. We handle small commercial, residential remodel, and new construction in the counties below. We feature, custom designs, gas piping and hydronics for custom homes; over 27 years experience. We will do the work you need and ONLY the work you need and charge a fair price. We will do everything in our power to save you money and this can include giving you advice on less expensive options and frankly sometimes advising you to use a different service if the situation warrants it.

We are licensed, bonded and insured. We practice safety at all times to keep insurance costs down.

We are an environmentally focused company

We recycle our waste products whenever possible and use environmentally friendly products as much as possible. We will also recommend environmentally sound systems and products as they become available. We are committed to to water and energy conservation through our product and system designs. We are also partnered with other environmentally focused quality home builders, companies and contractors. We will be happy to link you with these folks as well.

Please go to our design ideas page, to see items that we are able to procure from local plumbing suppliers. You may also make an appointment at a local showroom to see fixtures for even more ideas, please click on the links to make an appointment. We only use builder grade fixtures and work with quality suppliers.

If you ask us to install something that you purchased from a warehouse, or a recycled item, we will ask that you sign a waiver prior to the installation. This is due to the extra handling that sometimes occurs when clients have fixtures they have obtained themselves and something turns out to be wrong with them. We have manufacturers warranties on items from our suppliers and therefore we can guarantee the quality of the fixture or item to be installed. We give a year’s warranty on our service, and manufacturer’s warranty on fixtures and materials.

We strictly adhere to all applicable building standards and codes. We advise the best way to adhere to these codes for your safety within your design constraints.